sorority and fraternity.

oh yes! i favor physical violence lalo na when it comes to being part of a group. dun kasi matetest ung trust mo sa mga taong sasalihan mo. actually, its more on trust mo sa batchmates mo. dapat ang mga batchmates, nasa puso mo! oh yes. its all in the batch. going back.. force, intimidation, physical violence, undue influence, and other unjust means.. simply is a way in testing your faith, loyalty, trust, love, and comitment to the group! ..pero sige.. hazing or the use of paddle may be debatable! pero for me, its okay lang! hahaha

pero in fairness.. nung naging part ako ng isang sorority mejo yumabang or umangas ako! pero its not noticeable.. its like simpleng state of mind lang, ung tipong dko gnagawang overt acts!haha ..i mean parang kpag may mga nagaangas or nagyayabang parang ang bilis ko nang maapektuhan or magalit! kahit mababaw lang naman! ..kasi siguro nga at the back of my mind, alam kong may resback ako! haha ..kaya di ko din masisisi kung bakit talagang war freak ang mga frats! i now perfectly understand!

*IN SHORT, im currently recruiting kaya ko kinikwento tong mga toh! haha kwento.. ung initiation ko! its just so uber perfect! gotta study muna! haha =)

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happy na daw siya?

really? i dont think so.. how can you be happy if nagkakalat ka sa law school? if you are currently enrolled sa isang school na dka makaadapt sa environment? hmmm? ..siguro sa love life happy ka.. but there's more to life than love pare! its just one aspect.. and there's sooo much more! haha i pity you so damn much! and your looooser cyber friends and your fuckin loooooser social life and life style! haha

you are an epitomy of a loser my dear.. so sad! yah im masama.. but this is how i feel. and im sooo thankful that we broke up! ..what was i thinking???? i cant beliv i dated you for quite some time! grrr! thinking about it pisses the hell out of me! haha you are now stucked in san beda for 6 months? coz im sure you are gonna shift to another school next sem! well its fun to see you suffer in law school! i think 6 months of making fun of your life is enough!

so if you think your happy.. think again pare!!!

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11:42 PM


sis brad... kapatid!... pamilya!

kahapon ang pinaka-fullfiling na day sa buong buhay ko. seryoso. dahil talagang masasabi ko na naghirap ako ng limang oras para sa isang bagay. (secret kung gaano kahirap! secrecy! hehe) masaya ako. masayang masaya. bahagi na ako ng isang grupo. actually, bahagi na ako ng isang pamilya! :) nabago nito ang buhay ko. dati parang ayoko na mag-law. na ayoko sa san beda kasi ang gusto kong eskwelahan ay esa o admu. at inaasahan ko na makkick-out na agad ako sa law school dahil nga wala ang puso ko doon at eventualy magttrabaho nlng sa call center. pero kagabi, nabago lahat un! narealize ko na magiging masaya na ako sa san beda. masayang masaya. at marami akong kapatid na makikilala na prof, abogado, judge, prosecutor, at mga fellow law student ko. kaya parang mejo nasecure na ang future ko kapag nagdesisyon akong tapusin ang law. tama nga sila. koneksyon ang makukuha mo sa isang samahan. akala ko dati, isang malaking kakupalan un, pero hindi. totoo pala. totoong totoo. at kagabi ko lang din napatunayan na madami pala akong stock knowledge sa mga law subjects namin dati. pwede. pwede. pwede! pwede ko na talaga ipagpatuloy to. no turning back!

mahal ko na ang san beda! :)

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4:33 PM


I'm getting superficial by the minute.

This summer i turned into this air head victoria's secret model. I became shallow and superficial. I dunno what happened.Maybe its all because of the reality tv shows that I've been watching. The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians,Simple Life, Laguna Beach, Desperate Housewives, and the likes. I feel like im getting stupid-er every frickin day.So sad. Rawr!

Although i turned air head this summer. I've got a huge realization that is really worth something. I learned a lesson from the break-up that happened to me last month ish. Love is simply mind setting. Oh yes! It's all in the mind.I fall in love because i chose to be in love with that certain person. I fall out of love because i decide to stoploving a person. It's really that simple. We are only making things complicated.

You like a person because you have this certain standard in your mind on what your ideal guy is. So when you see someonethat passes your standard you will instantly like or even love that person. Once again, i have proven that it is all in the mind. Right?

Take it from me: Love is not an emotion. Love is simply mind setting.

*I want to love myself first before anything else. Then, I will patiently wait for someone that can live up to Flamfertini.*

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shop shop shop.

i think shopping is super hassel. i hate it. grrr. but i want new clothes. so i have no choice but to shop. its so sad. becuase you have to look for clothes, and to actually try them on to see if it looks good on you. hassel super hassel. but at the end of the day, you'll be happy with the new clothes you actually own. yehey. but i hate the process. hate it. hate it. hate it.

oh yes. im not your typical girl who finds happiness in shopping. sue me!

im so amazed with jackets and scarves. i super like like them. they're to die for. haha. but now, i think, scarves are getting over used. grrr. and dont get me wrong. i like scarves that looks like abu sayaf scarves not the pashmina scarves. oh yes, abu sayaf scarves! its really nice. uber cool.

scarf is sooo my thing. puhlease dont wear scarves! unless you really really like scarves.. haha

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Christened: Irene "ira" Lipat
Found: playing air guitar during boredom hours.
Identified by: her apatheticness. big eyes and fake smile.
Wears: skinny jeans, jacket, scarf. and a certain dogtag.
Lost without: her friends.
Intrigued by: how the cyberspace works.
Pet peeve: bitches. posers.
Passion: music, theater, art.
Favorite expression: eeehhhhh.
Imagine her: without music and friends.
Laughs at: stupidity.
Consumes: new found friends.
Will end up: being happily married or an old maid.
Spot her at: eastwood. libis. trinoma.
Hates it when boys: make me fall in love.
Swoon over guyz who: are dirty looking with semi chinito eyes and with red lips. who's also musically inclined and plays basketball.
Asserts that girls: are nothing but maarte.

^finally, its REAL!!! ..but when i see you on tv and hear ur song on the radio and read ur fan sites.. it suddenly feels like im not even close...

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naiinggit ako sayo ng malupet.

i envy you and your current relationship. kasi ako parang, looking back..nakuha ko naman ung mga love story na napapanood sa movie. to be exact, i'll site all the movies na naranasan ko na.. labs kita, ok lang?, when love begins, close to you, and the ever so controversial almost famous! haha ...ayan, so masasabi naman nateng mejo masaya din ang love life ko! db?

pero.. naiinggit ako sayo! kasi nasa inyong dalawa ung ideal relationship ko. yah! inaamin ko! i envy you! haha i know ur both single, and na matagal na kayong break.. pero i know na kayo at kayo pa din talaga! ..astig talaga un! ung alam mong may sandalan ka lang.. and may pwede kang balik balikan whatever happens.. and na alam mo na ung love na meron kayo ay constant.. and na lahat ng relationship niyo along the way, parang stopover lang! kasi u both know na in the end kayo pa din talaga!

..its the best relationship any person can have.. haaaay! astig kayo! solid! haha.. walang bibitiw ah! kundi ako ung masasad para sa inyo... hehe

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you're nobody until you're talked about.
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"I believe in music and its power to save the world from itself."

if ala is "ism"
and casper is "ness"
iRa is "ish"
oh so ira ish

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