bar ops [last week]

ang saya. grabe. sooobrang saya!!! haha.. masaya tumambay sa diamond hotel. first time kong nag run off last sunday morning. as in ung 2am na pupunta sa kfc and wendy's to buy the breakfast ng mga barrista! kasama ko si ate mae, tanya and dania. masaya!

nakakatawa tlga magbenta ng mga raffle tickets sa mga brods na alumni. klangan mo tlga magpacute at mejo maginarte para bigyan ka ng one thousand pesos! easy money! haha ..the weird thing is.. ung binebenta kong tickets ay kay Ron! buti sana kung sakin eh! db? haha...

tas nung sunday sa taft.. sobrang ngarag! grabe! pero masaya.. ang funny nga eh kasi parang ayaw tlga namin tumabi sa mga brods kasi may mga beer sila! rawr! ayoko talaga mabasa ng beer! ewwwwww.... pero there's this one brod na napakalakas ng loob na nangbasa sakin!!! grrr.. basa ung book ko and ung legs ko and ung arms ko and ung likod ng damit ko! ung tlgang hinawakan ako para mabasa! at si Ron un.. tapos etong si Meric gusto pa mambasa! hmm.. but it was fun! kasi halos lahat naman kami basa na eh! hehe..

***nakakatamad mgpost ng pictures! next time na lang!

^i finally saw him in a diffrent light.haha^

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3:42 PM


its a happy day!!! happy happy joy joy.

yehey! gotta love thursdays. hmm.. mejo nakampante na ako sa legal research. thanks to Marc and Prince and to section 1-L. yey!

haaay. there's always something good thath happens kapag nagaabsent ako sa legal profession. love it love it love it! cant wait for next week! hmmm... hahaha

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12:21 AM


biggest angst:

^ung taong pinakamamahal ko may ka-live in na. rather, they're into common law marriage!^

='( sadness.. like a star, he's too far away!

-this is the evidence! actually, one of the evidences! watch it! masakit.. rawr! sobrang sakit...

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5:29 PM


i seem to be stucked with that one trash. and i keep on using it. again and again and again. i wanna mess things up WITH you. hmm.. love recycling. love love love it!
*shhhhh* can you keep a secret? ..yes? can i! haha *shhhhh*

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2:07 AM


the big day.

isnt the world beautiful? isnt God so nice? isnt love not overrated? haaay. life is good! yah. indeed. its the best.

life is simple. simple lang tlga. we are the ones who complicate it. sabi nga ni Avril "why you have to go and make things so complicated?" ...right! and as of now.. ive learned how not to complicate things! and im loving it. its either yes or no. i do or i dont. i care or i dont give a damn. SIMPLE! isnt it???

and for the big day... its YES, I DO and I CARE! love it. love love love it! xoxo.


and dahil happy ako i wanna sing this oh so cliche song..

We were strangers starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we'd have to go through
Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope, you were there to remind me
This is the start

And life is a road and I wanna keep going
Love is a river, I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever, wonderful journey
I'll be there when the world stops turning
I'll be there when the storm is through
In the end, I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you

haha.. kakapanood ko lang kasi kanina ng Anastasia. one of the bestest disney cartoon fairy tale ish! one of my favorite! love it!

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3:31 AM


bar ops. [second week]

ahhh.. this week is much much better. nobody cried. nobody cursed. and nobody was drunk. love it! ahhh.. HEAVEN! or is it just the smoke from the cigarettes? haha.

he made me assure my feelings for him. whenever he sits next to me, its as if everythings alright. i dont give a damn if my prof is gonna fail me, or that if my lc is gonna curse me, or that if i havent studied at all, or if i havent changed my napkin (haha).. all i care about is he's sitting right next to me, trying so hard to pull off a certain tag line! ahhh... good times!

bar ops ruins my good grades in law school.. but it defnitly spices up my love life! huwattt??? ahahaha. kidding.

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12:03 AM


well as much as i miss your smile honey, i miss mine even more!

"hindi naman lungkot o takot ang hirap sa pag-iisa.. kundi ang pagtanggap na sa bilyong-bilyong tao sa mundo.. wala man lang.. ni-isa.. ang nakipaglaban upang makasama ka.." --- [emo stuff! haha]

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10:53 PM

bar ops [first week]

the first years with ate castles!

ang tatlong napagtripan.
bea, marnie, and ira
ang mga kasama ng "naka-mini skirt" at ang mga "nagmmake-up". bow.

ang cute ni ate cams! the one with the jacket! haha

bea, marnie, dianne, ira

us with LC lindy, vice gilda, and ate castles.

the apabs. the oh so sandalan brods.
sino kaya ung nasa left side? ahahahahahaha

batchmates. [kulang pa yan ah]

what will happen next week??? hmm...

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THE bar ops. (first week)

nakakainis. nakakaiyak. nakakatakot. nakakakaba. nakakabagabag. nakakapagod. nakakagalit. but at the end of the day.

hindi niyo alam kung gaanong paghihirap ang nadaanan namin nung saturday at sunday. grabe! you really cant please everyone! seryoso. un lang ang masasabi ko. anything i say will be used against me. kaya i wont say anything nlng! hehe.

LC lindy and LC james are super nice to us. grabe! cant thank them enough. eto ang malupet... super salamat sa mga brods! waaaah ang super takbuhan ko kapag may nangyayareng masama. akala ko dati hindi ko kakayaning pumunta sa room ng mga brods dahil nga hindi naman lahat dun ay kaclose ko kaya baka maout of place lang ako. pero kagabi, sila ang naging sandalan ko. talo pa nila ang mga sis ko. haaay.

*pictures will be posted as soon as bea uploads them!*


by the way... CAMP ROCK, ROCKS! super love demi lovato and joe jonas! waaaah. ang ganda ganda! sana may totoong camp rock kapag summer!haha the song this is me and i gotta find you! haaaay.. super nice! at least kahit pano napasaya ako ng camp rock after the one hell of a day!

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so im stupid enough to include in my shoutout sa frdnster the link to my blog. so lahat ng tao ay alam na ang blog na toh. grrr. it took me some time editing the names of certain people. grr talaga. and stupid! haha. but its fine. ok na! this blog has officialy been cleaned out. haha. ang scary lang kapag nalaman nila blah tong blog ko and of course we cannot forget ung mga kampon din ni blah. nako! its super social suicide! haha.

well, anyway... the two freaking persons whos been eyeing me, really iritates me! kapag naiisip ko un naaasar ako. well 'SCUSE MEEEH! mas maganda ako manamit sa inyo noh! if you dont like my fashion sense, then SUE ME! sue meeeh please!!! ..and besides, if fashion (or at least outfit repeating) is a crime, then your a freaking criminal! bwahahaha *evil laugh*

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12:35 AM


we rock, we rock, we rock on!
waaaah! super gusto ko ang camp rock. i wanna watch it nah! cant wait.
i love Demi Lovato, ung lead actress sa movie. Super Bagay nila ni Joe Jonas! and narealize ko... mas gwapo pala si Joe Jonas kesa kay Nick Jonas! grabeeeeh! the song sa move.. ung "This is me" mas maganda pa kesa sa "We're breaking free" ng high school musical. seriously!
watch it on sunday at Disney Channel! 7:30 pm.
*this is real. this is me. im exactly where im supposed to be. now gonna let the light shine one me.*

Nick, Joe, and the other Jonas.
(haha. sorry i dnt know his name!haha)

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2:56 AM

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