i will now stop adding insult to injury.

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5:15 AM


the hard thing is not getting what i want (coz i always do) but wanting it even after i get it... :(
yeah. super mabilis ako magsawa sa isang person. and once na nagsawa na ako, wala na. its like so over na. and i think the only way how to keep me interested is to play the "bestfriend card" on me. coz i never get tired of a habbit. cguro i have this idea na my boyfriend is supposed to be my bestfriend din. like two in one. :))

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1:35 AM


Now I think we're taking this too far
Don't you know that it's not this hard?
Well it's not this hard
But if you take what's yours and I take mine
Must we go there?
Please not this time. No, not this time.

[Brighter - Paramore]

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12:49 PM


third week (bar ops).

same same same. nothing special happened. HAHA. but i think it was this time that i really did something for a barrista. like really delivered food to her hotel. as in real effort. it was kinda tiring. well, as for my crushie.. fortune teller genius is a freaking liar. sabi nya we'll have our moment. but we didnt! im never gonna trust that person-ish again. rawr! haha.

Well I, for the most part, like to pursue my crushie. 'Cause pretty much I like not knowing if I can catch him. And feel so damn rewarded when I do. But when I do, i actually kinda lose my interest on him because I already got what I wanted. So basically I think, all I want is the chase. ;) Gaaaad! I soooo sound like a jerk. you think?

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2:34 AM


The Meantime Boy. --- oohhh i think i have one! :))

He enters your living room without hesitation because he knows he’s always welcome there. You can never completely get angry with him because you’ll forgive him anyway (why expend the energy on that?) There’s no real pressure to look good for him, or to domesticate yourself, because hell, he probably cooks better than you do. you don’t get disappointed when he doesn’t open the door for you, or perform any of the perfunctory genteel mannerisms frequently assigned to a “gentleman” (ergo, a prospect). if he sees you as a buddy, then you really don’t quite see him as a “man”… much more the “gentle” kind.

But that doesn’t mean these signs of breeding are alien to him (it’s just that around you, he can slip up and live to see the next day). More often than not, he’s one of those dudes on top of the food chain. Why else wouldn’t you mind having him confused as a boyfriend? And the mere fact that he doesn’t mind (well, not really) being seen with you says he sees you being in that level too - especially if he has to contend with the are-you-guys-together interrogation as well.

And admit it, the pestering questions from well-meaning people are well-founded. You’ve both acquired the mannerisms of an old couple - there are no awkward silences, no trite comments, no hesitations. Physical intimacy can stretch from holding hands to cross the street to a prolonged embrace when one of you feels bad. It’s true, you’re around each other when life’s vicissitudes erupt. He’ll be the first person at your doorstep, maybe even getting there before you do, because you told him you were just fine (wonderful, could’t be better) - and he recognized the devastation in your voice . And you, you don’t even need to say how proud you are of him (how awkward can that be!)- you knew, you believed in him way before he did.

Where your relationship is is where other couple’s relationships should be - given fifteen years or so. Only you’ve had this chemistry too soon, way before either one of you will ever recognize just how irreplaceable it is. It was never the result of time, negotiation or compromise. It’s just one of those things that came too easily, so naturally it’s laughable to call it precious (it’s so many other things - just NOT that word). It’s like telling a piano prodigy to practice when he can play Mozart’s Symphony in E Minor after one listening. Just plain absurd.

But admit it, being around this Meantime Boy has given you an inkling of what it would feel like to be with The One. What you feel when you’re with him - how secure, how profound or how silly you both can be - these are the stuff you need in lifelong commitments! Think about it. He’s probably seen you sweat it out on the track (thus disproving the myth that girls don’t sweat), just as much as you’ve seen him develop one too many love handles. Not even for charity will you ever HAVE TO take it easy on him in the court. He’s had one too many fashion faux pas for his own good, mispronounced so many words you’ve lost count and he probably farts in front of you. On the other hand, he’s seen you have bed head, trip on your feet, and cry like a baby when John Kofi gets the chair. Almost perfect, isn’t it? Just add mad, incredible passion (the one missing ingredient) to this comfortable stew and you’ve got somethiing so rare it will leave you breathless.

So the truth is Meantime Girl, there is a reason for this meantime-ness… and you better have the good sense to know it’s not to wait for him to snap out of his immaturity (or for you to make the first move-neva!). He’s your Meantime Boy because you need to learn from him what truly ennabling relationships are - and not to confuse that with those that are disguisingly constricting. He’s around because you need to recognize the primacy of friendship (that’s why FRIEND is the bigger word in GIRLFRIEND). He’s there because you need to believe that you can be seen as a thinking human being - and not the commodity so closely associated with your gender.

The Meantime Boy grants you the liberty to love - because while he is an accomodating recipient of your affections, he silently gives way when someone else steps into your life. He gives you THAT look, the don’t-you-dare-fall-in-love-with-me Care Bear Stare whenever your get your ends all mixed up. Don’t despair and take heed: his very indifference is his gift to you.

By being oblivious to your adoration, he sets you free to be someone else’s forever. And when this man, this god, finally arrives to sweep you off your feet, he’ll marvel at the perfect jewel you are: how you never begrudge Sunday Night Football, how you confidently possess your own mind and project the very essence of graciousness. And why wouldn’t you be? You’ve had years of practice.

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1:13 AM


there's always one that gets away :(

but then again.. im not so sure if he already got away. hmmm.

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11:48 PM


second week of bar ops.

its a happy second week. :)) haha. happier than last week. its really nice talking and spending time with people. HAHA. haaay, pero nasad ako sa mga kwinento niya :( well, i just have to deal with it. still, its a happy saturday night and sunday morning! :))

BUT.. patay nanaman ako sa property! d ako nakapagaral. il use my free cut nlng! mahirap na magkalat sa recit.. argh! i hate easements. wtf wtf wtf!!!

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Silent Sanctuary's Hiling makes me cry! :( parang saktong sakto pa ung mtv niya. :( argh! naaalala ko tuloy lahat lahat.. parang ung nangyari sakin for like 5 years sa buhay ko, nasa isang 5 min music video.. asteeeg! favorite scene ko jan ung umiiyak sila. thats exactly what i look like when crying. aaahhh i can still feel the pain. HAHAHA. hmm, watch the mtv nlng kasi. super nakakaiyak! :'(

Minsan di ko maiwasang isipan ka
Lalo na sa t'wing nag iisa
Ano na kaya balita sayo
Naiisip mo rin kaya ako

Simula nang ikaw ay mawala
Wala nang dahilan para lumuha
Damdamin pilit ko nang tinatago
Hinahanap ka parin ng aking puso
Parang kulang nga kapag ika'y wala

At ihiling sa mga bituin
Na minsan pa sana ako'y iyong mahalin
Ihiling kahit dumilim
Ang aking daan na tatahakin

Ala ala mong tinangay na ng hangin
Sa langit ko na lamang ba yayakapin
Nasan kana kaya, aasa ba sa wala

Ipipikit ko ang aking mata dahil
Nais ka lamang mahagkan
Nais ko lamang masilalayan
Kahit alam kong tapos na
Kahit alam kong wala ka na...

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2:42 PM


Have we settled for a suger free existence? We accept e-mails instead of love songs.... we accept jokes, instead of poetry...

In fact, some might even prefer the regular guy who makes jokes and makes us laugh, rather than the guy who puts lots of effort in writing us poetry and serenading out of our window...

When faced with an extremely romantic situation, we might even gag, and think that the person who is trying to romance us is phoney and playing up a whole act, that actually turns us away.

Have we become romance-intolerant?

**like oh my freaking god! i cant stand the fact that you text me 15 times a day. come on! im of legal age, dko na klangan ng yaya. and dont expect that from me either. i am not you and you are not me. puhlease!! arrrgh.

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1:09 AM


happy first week sa bar ops! :))

time with my brods and sisses, with my long lost brod (haha), and with my schoolmates. fun moments, awkard moments, naaantok moments, working moments, and happy moments. cant wait for next week!!

*im so glad we're kinda close na. its official, ikaw na ang pinakaclose ko sa inyo as of now. HAHAHA. :))

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7:16 PM


OMG! stop google-ing me nga.. its sooo freaking creepy! stalker!!! haha and this time its my whole name ah. before ira lipat lang ngayon irene lipat na. so i guess, this certain person knows me for real this time. its not just one of those stalkers sa friendster at facebook. HAHAHA. too bad for you guys, may tracker ako! :P

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8:08 PM

sugarfree. romance intolerant. commitment phobic. whatever you wanna call it. haha genny and syndy, am i right. we're sooo in the same boat. kaya pala we're bestfriends eh! haha :))

anyway.. gosh! im back to my old ways. :)) grabe! kapag nakikita ko tlga si **** nahhyper ako. nung wednesday nakalimutan ko bigla si dean jara nung nakita ko sha. i was totally distracted. 78 lang tuloy ako sa recit. pero ok lang, bawing bawi naman ako sa recit ko today. haha. im super natutuwa sa kanya. gsto ko na ulet pumasok everyday. tas ung reason kung bakit ko gsto pumasok, is para kulitin lang sha that day. haha. angago. parang college lang! haha.

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